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Ran Tao, Barrister and Solicitor is the Principal Lawyer at Tao Law Professional Corporation. A fierce advocate in the courtroom, Ran deeply appreciates the value of timely and amicable resolutions. Often than not, preserving an ongoing relationship is as important as maximizing one’s own legal interests.

On the other hand, Ran does not shy away from difficult matters, as many other lawyers may. Ran shines in complex matters that are either “numbers heavy”, overly contentious, or involving fraud or various abuses. In high conflict litigations, litigators often must try to reveal the truth in a matter, so the client’s interests can be protected.

An academic and professional background in business has proven highly beneficial and have allowed Ran to navigate the often-complex factual mazes in difficult litigation matters, particularly involving financial disputes. Ran also prides himself in his ability to think outside-of-box to generate creative litigation strategies or settlement proposals.

Ran regularly takes on cases involving foreign legal systems or foreign judgments, and Ran is well versed in private international laws (i.e., conflict of laws).

Ran regularly appears before the Superior Court of Justice for conferences and contested motions. He has also appeared before the Ontario Court of Justice and the Small Claims Court.

Ran is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Advocates’ Society, Toronto Lawyers Association, the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers.


Family Law & Civil Litigation

Domestic Contacts

Prenuptial Agreement; Postnuptial Agreement (Marriage Contract); Cohabitation Agreement; Separation Agreement.

Uncontested Applications

Simple Divorce Application; Joint Divorce Application; other uncontested court applications for parenting and child-related issues.

Parenting Litigation

Major decisions (custody); parenting time (access); supervised access; education decisions; holiday access; relocation; unauthorized removal of child (parental abduction), incl. Hague Convention cases for return of the child.

Domestic Violence

Allegations of domestic violence and surrounding issues; restraining orders.

Support Payments

Child support; spousal support; imputation of income (e.g. self-employment income, investment income, cash income); lifestyle analysis; entitlement to support; variation/review of support payments.


Equalization payment; net family properties; title issues (e.g. real property, investment, pre-built property, family trust); trust claims (i.e. constructive trust, resulting trust, unjust enrichment); exclusive possession; partition and sale; freezing assets; non-depletion of family assets.

Commercial Litigation

Disputes involving business operations, business purchase, real estate investments, commercial contracts, shares in private corporation, shareholder relationship, corporate governance, debt repayment.

Other Civil Litigation

Other civil litigation involving contract or tort based disputes; invasion of rights; unjust enrichment; equitable reliefs.

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Most commonly asked questions in family law and civil litigation
DISCLAIMER: Materials on this website are for general information purposes only and do not constitute or substitute legal advice. If assistance is required on your legal matter, you need to consult a lawyer to obtain legal advice. You may call us. Before we specifically agree to represent you and have a retainer in place, no solicitor-client relationship will form and we are not responsible for your matter.

Family Law

In Ontario, a court order from the Superior Court of Justice is required in order to dissolve a marriage. This is the only possible manner to obtain a divorce. There are three grounds for divorce: adultery, cruelty, or that the parties have separated for more than one year (i.e. the divorce judgment will be issues after they have separated for one year). With the above said, the most commonly used ground is having separated for one year. Feel free to contact our firm and learn about the different grounds and how to obtain a divorce order in Ontario in a fast and economical manner. 

An uncontested divorce refers to obtaining a divorce after the parties have reached an agreement with regards to the relevant issues (e.g. custody/major decisions, access/parenting time, child support, spousal support, property division/equalization, etc). Where possible, it is usually recommended to settle the outstanding issues before seeking a divorce order. Not only it would require must less time, efforts and money, it reduces the stress and headaches associated with the litigation process. The family lawyers at Tao Law have plenty of experiences representing clients in an amicable manner and/or in negotiation settings, so as to maximize the parties’ chance reaching a settlement.

Studies show that, most family law matters, even if contentious, would resolve outside of court. Usually this requires lawyers with specialized knowledge in family law to participate in the process. Our family lawyers can accurately access the matters, provide legal advice based on the applicable statutes and case laws, preserve the good will in a dissolving family unit, which often involves child-centered considerations. In the event the negotiation breaks down, our family lawyers will quickly prepare court materials in order to reduce any undue delay in your matter.

It is beyond debate that children would benefit from both parents’ care. The family court in Ontario routinely orders parenting time for both parties, often with a view to maximize parenting time with both parents. Where special considerations are required in a case, the court would carefully assess different factors in order to determine the best interests of the child. If you are being denied parenting time (i.e. access) to your child, it is imperative to reach out to a family lawyer immediately to receive timely legal advice. You will want to avoid any unjustified delays and any negative inferences from the same, so your legal interests will not be prejudiced.

Fortunately, parenting issues are not based on one’s economic circumstances or wealth. Parenting issues are determined in the best interests of the child, which in turn depend on the parents’ relationship with the child, the parents’ abilities and willingness to care for the child, and sometimes the parents’ circumstances at work. A low-income primary caregiver often is entitled to child support and also spousal support. While spousal support is on top of child support, it may surpass the amount of child support. The determination of spousal support is quite fluid and discretionary, and you want to make sure you talk to an able family lawyer (such as our lawyers) for legal advice on this point.  

For the roughly 15% population of Ontario who are self-employed, family law have special treatments for you guys/gals. Very rarely would the court equate the support payor’s taxable income to be the person’s “family law income for support purposes”. Ran Tao, Barrister and Solicitor, frequently utilized his previous experiences in the business/startup sectors to help his clients to navigate this interesting area of water. In some cases, we also achieved satisfying results and proved cash-based incomes after performing financial analysis.

Civil Litigation

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